Murder Of Maria Marten

Ali Baba & the Faulty Sids

Ladies Who Lunch

Speed Dating

Gosforth's Fete

Panto - Sid The Kid

Good Night Mrs Puffin

Squire Sid

Fate Accompli

Sid And The Dragon

For Better For Worse

Rude Awakenings

Panto - Sid & the Lost Treasure

Mother Goose

Cast list for "Sid And The Dragon" - February 2016

Angina - Paul White

Belladonna - Viv Crick

Catherine (Kate) - Gwenan Paewai

Eric Harcombe - Mike Coles

Fairy Nuff - Susie Williams

Farmers Wife - Sue Gooding

Magical Teddy Bear - John Rush

Mayor Miller - Edward Willis Fleming

Old King Cole - John White

Siddharta Bin Said El Cid - Chelsea Cross

Villager #1 - Alison Bull

Villager #2 - Bailey Cross

Villager #3 - Anne Jones

Villager #4 - Amber Kilsbie

Villager #5 - Penny Lamb

Villager #6 - Sheila Lewis

Wise Woman - Pam Ward